Ö Nordic things – a space with a Scandinavian view.

Ö is the last letter in the swedish alphabet and also the word for ”island”, a land mass completely surrounded by water. It’s an area separated from the mainland, but still part of it.

Ö nordic things is a small piece of territory in the center of Turin, just a few square meters, a courtyard to be precise, with an all through nordic perspective.

The truth is that it all started with a quite vague idea based on homesickness, curiosity, passions (not to say obsessions), work, life experience and some odd coincidences

Maria is an interior designer that works mainly with creating narrative ambients and visual identities, but also with styling and creative consultancy.

She grew up in Sweden with a swedish mother and a greek father (yes, it is confusing) moved to Italy, forgot to leave and started to develop an uncontainable homesickness that gradually transformed into picking out scandianavian design and bring it a bit closer.