Ö Nordic things for space and soul
Small furniture & Lifestyle objects | Consultancy & Projects.
Based in Italy. Roots in Sweden.

Ö is a showroom and eshop that offers a carefully handpicked selection of small furniture and lifestyle objects of simple nature.

Ö is also a studio that provide different kind of services to share scandinavian mood and aestethics such as:

Interior design and visual identity in ambients
Brand identity and creative guidelines

Site specific installations and styling
Creative consultancy and color consultancy

Digital Projects and Social Media Management

We’re able to offer all theese services as we chave a network of craftsmen and consultants such as architects, photografers, decorators and graphic designers.

We mix icons, essentials and details to create contemporary spaces with a nostalgic touch and our approach with clients is very simple: listen, observe and let intuition do its part.

We have a small collection of self produced objects with function for the soul such as pocket tools, visual boards, stationary and everyday items.

We love to share ideas with other people as it so many times ends up to be a starting point for unexpected synergy in one way or another.