Are you in need of a bag that meets all of the requirements of a busy day? With this practical and stylish striped shopper/bag from House Doctor, you will be well-dressed to carry out all of your daily errands. This bag is spacious, which makes it perfect for when you need to do some grocery shopping or when you need to take a change of clothes to your children in daycare. When the bag is not in use, you can use it as a beautiful, graphic detail in your home. The black-white design and the brown handle come with edge and personality. Hang it on a hook in your hallway or in the bedroom. The bag is made of 37.5% cotton, 40.4% polyester and 22.1% rayon.

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Size: l: 45 cm, w: 10 cm, h: 40 cm

Material: Polyester, Cotton, Rayon


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Dimensions 7 × 8 cm


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